Heritage Village Exhibits, Presentations, and Events 2014-2015
July 30th - December 19th 2014: Quilts of the Community Exhibit
This new quilt exhibit features 13 quilts from the local community. The Heritage Village quilters, whose hand sewn quilt is raffled off each December, loaned ten of the quilts. The other three are recent acquisitions to our collection. These quilts date from the late 1800s to 2007 and include patterns such as, “Drunkard’s Path”, “Capital T”, and “Irish Chain”. Other quilts are contemporary using fabric with candy prints, dolls, and butterflies.
$2 adults, $1 children 5-11
Museum members and children under 5 are free 
First Person Program Series
Get a discount when you join us for 3 or more programs

Members Price                                    Non-members Price

$17/program                                         $20/program

3 programs--$49.50                               3 programs--$58.50

4 programs--$64.00                               4 programs--$76.00

5 programs--$77.50                               5 programs--$92.50

6 programs-$90.00                                6 programs-$108.00

7-programs-$101.50                              7 programs-$122.50

8-programs-$112.00                              8 programs-$136.00

January 9, 2015: Johnny Appleseed Program and Dessert 
7:00 pm 
Ohio author Rick Sowash will portray Johnny Appleseed, one of America's best loved folk heroes. Turns out, there's a whole lot more to John Chapman than tending apple trees and going around barefoot with a tin pot on his head. Rick will reveal what is known about Johnny's father, a dishonorably discharged veteran of the American Revolution and will speculate on Johnny's boyhood, teenage years and the motivations behind his obsession with planting apple orchards.
$17 museum members
$20 non-members 
Discount for attending 3 or more programs 
January 16, 2015: Black Hoof Program and Dessert 
7:00 pm 
William 'Rusty' Cottrel portrays Black Hoof, the primary Chief of the Shawnee Nation. From 1720-1801, Black Hoof (Catahacasa) was witness to and participant in many pivotal events that determined the direction of the Old Northwest Territory, and in turn, that of the fledgling United States of America. Hear how Black Hoof sought a different path than that of the more aggressive leader, Tecumseh, and judge for yourself if his policies were more successful. An outgoing speaker, Rusty will relate, humorously and emotionally, Black Hoofs experiences carrying him first back to his homeland of his ancestors and through many conflicts with nations seeking to drive his people from that homeland.  
$17 museum members
$20 non-members 
Discount for attending 3 or more programs 
January 23, 2015: Reverend James Kemper Program and Dessert 
7:00 pm

Steve Preston will be portraying Reverend James Kemper ca. 1794. . Reverend Kemper was the first ordained Presbyterian minister North of the Ohio River and a prominent early Cincinnatian. In 1794, Reverend Kemper had been in Cincinnati for three years. He saw the trials, tribulations and growth of a burgeoning city on the edge of civilization. Reverend Kemper will describe his life that brought him to the West and recount his experiences living in frontier Cincinnati.

$17 museum members
$20 non-members 
Discount for attending 3 or more programs 
January 30, 2015: Harriett Beecher Stowe Program and Dessert
7:00 pm
Dana Gagnon portrays Harriet Beecher Stowe, who wrote the infamous book Uncle Tom's Cabin. The book that stirred up such passion when it was published--has its seeds right here in Cincinnati, where Harriet Beecher Stowe lived for almost 20 years.
$17 museum members
$20 non-members
Discount for attending 3 or more programs 
February 6, 2015: Jessie Durbin Ward Program and Dessert
7:00 pm
Mark Howard will portray J. Durbin Ward, a Civil War Veteran that lived in Warren County, Ohio. He attended Miami University in 1838 and became prosecuting attorney of Warren County in 1845. He entered the Union army as a private in 1861, but soon became Major of the 17th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and fought in the Battle of Mill Springs, Corinth, Perryville, Stone's River, Hoover's Gap and Chickamauga. At the last named battle he was shot through the arm and shoulder, his limb being disabled for life. Nevertheless, he carried his left arm in a sling through the entire Atlanta campaign. He was brevetted Brigadier General in November 1865 for gallant and meritorious conduct at the Battle of Chickamauga. Following the war General Ward traveled the political circle as a representative of the Democratic Party, making speeches on important public questions. A volume of his speeches is presently in the Warren County Historical Society. In 1870, he was elected Senator in the Ohio General Assembly.
$17 museum members
$20 non-members 
Discount for attending 3 or more programs 
February 13, 2015: Dr. Henry Langdon Program and Dessert
7:00 pm
Dr. Robert Martsolf portrays Surgeon Henry Archer Langdon. Dr. Langdon served for 3 years in the 79th Ohio Volunteer Infantry with General Sherman's Army in the Atlanta campaign and the March to the Sea through Georgia during the American Civil War. Dr. Robert Martsolf will bring Dr. Langdon to life through excerpts from his diary, family records and current and contemporary source material.
$17 museum member
$20 non-member 
Discount for attending 3 or more programs 
February 20, 2015: Theodore Roosevelt Program and Dessert
7:00 pm
Gib Young portrays Theodore Roosevelt circa 1915. He will speak about when Roosevelt came up as a Civil Service Commissioner, President of the NYC Police Commissioners, and Assistant Secretary of the Navy before getting into the fun that all the Roosevelts had in the White House during his administration. 
$17 museum members
$20 non-members
Discount for attending 3 or more programs 
7:30 pm-9:30 pm
You are invited to enjoy a romantic night of sampling chocolate deserts, along with champagne, wine and music to benefit Heritage Village. There will also be a raffle and silent auction. The event will be held at Raffel's Banquet Hall in Evendale.

Call 513-563-9484 to buy your tickets early and SAVE!

Before December 31st, anyone can purchase a ticket for $20 each

After December 31, the price for a discount is 4 or more $20/member $25/nonmembers
$25/person or $45/couple for museum members
$30/person or $55/couple for non-members 
Sheila Gray from Channel 12
is the emcee for the event 
February 27, 2015: Mary Todd Lincoln Program and Dessert
7:00 pm 
Jessica Michna will portray Mary Todd Lincoln as "A Widow Forgotten." Mrs. Lincoln's life has come full circle as she returns to Springfield, Illinois to take up residence with her sister Elizabeth. She recalls the days of her girlhood in the genteel society of Lexington, Kentucky, her marriage to the gangly young lawyer, and eventually her rise to become the First Lady.
$17 museum members
$20 non-members
Discount for attending 3 or more programs 
May-September: Guided tours of the Village
Wednesday-Saturday 10:30am, 12:45pm, and 3:00pm
Sunday 1:30pm, 3:30pm

$5 adults, $3 children 5-11, Children under 5 and museum members are free.
July 11th & 12th, 2015: Civil War Weekend
Saturday, 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Sunday, 10:00 am-3:00 pm
Battle re-enactment at 2:00 pm both days
Join us as hundreds of soldier and civilian re-enactors bring the village to life during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis will be speaking about the struggle with slavery, states rights, and the many battles of the war. Education stations will be set up throughout the village to teach children how people lived during the Civil War.
There is ample parking, a concession stand, and all the historic buildings will be open.
$8 adults, $5 children 5-11
Weekend Pass: $12 adults, $8 children
Museum members and children under 5 are free

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